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Owning, or being owned by, a Toy Fox Terrier, or any dog, is a life changing experience.

Along with the unconditional love that the dog gives you, you bear the total responsibility for the health and well being of your canine companion.

The NTFTA is glad that you are visiting these web pages and hopes that you, and your dog, have benefited from the information offered here.

We would like to extend to you a cordial invitation to join the NTFTA.

Membership in the NTFTA affords you the opportunity to meet and get to know a nationwide network of Toy Fox Terrier devotees.

The NTFTA is proud to count among our members, many of the breeders who have been responsible for the development of the breed as we know it, as well as a newer generation of breeders who are refining the breed and working hard to ensure that this breed that we love survives and thrives for many years to come.

Some NTFTA members are exhibitors who may be found in the show ring, obedience ring, agility ring or coursing ability wherever TFTs are competing.

Some NTFTA members are pet owners, whose utmost joy is the companionship of their Toy Fox Terrier.

Some NTFTA members are all these things, breeders who have dogs they “show” as well as dogs that are pets.

All NTFTA members have one thing in common, a love for the Toy Fox Terrier breed.

If you fit into any of these categories, we hope you will consider joining us.

Members receive the NTFTA newsletter, containing news and information.

Members may hold office in the NTFTA and may serve on committees.

Members vote and by doing so have a voice in the development and amending of the NTFTA constitution and by-laws and policies and procedures.

The NTFTA is a national organization made up of individuals, like you.

We would be proud to count you as one of our members.

Like what you see? Think you may have what it takes to be one of us? Click a membership form link and join us!

Joining the NTFTA is easy! Just click the link below, print the application, fill it out, and send it in.

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We are looking for high quality pictures of Toy Fox Terriers all the time for our publications and website. If you wish to share your Toy Fox Terrier pictures with us, print, fill out and send in the document below.

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Without this document we unfortunately can not use your pictures. Your pictures may appear in our NTFTA Newsletter, NTFTA Website, NTFTA Facebook-site, NTFTA Calendar or in any other NTFTA publication.